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Dental Expert app

Download the Dental Expert app

Can’t keep all the advices of your dentist or hygienist straight? You heard something about brushing and cleaning, but what was it your care provider said again? While in the dentist’s chair the story was all still so clear, but once at home you forgot the message. Recognizable? Then download the free Dental Expert app. The app is available for Android and tablets. You can find the app for iPhone and iPad in the App Store of iTunes.

For those of you who like to have a healthy mouth and keep it, download the free Dental Expert app from Ivoren Kruis now. This will give you your dentist’s advices on your own mobile phone. A useful tool for your daily oral hygiene.

Practical instructions and advice

The application shows practical instructions for electric and manual brushing, cleaning between the teeth and the use of mouthwashes.
In addition, the app displays the correct nutritional recommendations to keep your mouth healthy.
A handy timer helps you brush for two minutes and therefore brush long enough.

The Dental Expert app is free for everyone

Anyone can download the app for free via Google Play and the App Store. Interested?
Search for Dental Expert app. Whoever has visited his dentist or dental hygienist will get a personal advice code along with the methods that are best suited to keep your mouth and teeth healthy or make them healthy. Tailored advice for optimum oral hygiene, customised to your specific dental situation. You will get advice on an advice card you can take with you. It contains a code for the most suitable cleaning methods specified for you. Once you enter your personal advice code in the app, a personal advice will appear.
Not received a code? Ask for it when you visit your dentist or hygienist. The general code E2V1 is shown by default.
If you use this code you get tips for a healthy mouth that are relevant for everyone.

App users who view their personal advice, can discover clear instructions with clear pictures and short texts.

  • Electric and manual toothbrushing: what is the best brush, how do you place the brush on the teeth and gums, how to brush correctly, easily and in the best order?
  • Using toothpicks: using the correct toothpicks, which ones, how do you use them?
  • Flossing: the most careful way to clean the spaces between teeth/molars and gums.
  • Brushing: which size interdental brushes do you use, how and where?
  • Nutrition: How do you prevent cavities and tooth erosion?
  • Cleaning your tongue: how to do it?

Clear instructions with clear pictures

Here you can download the instruction pdf.

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