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Implants are for anyone who is missing a tooth or even all teeth and/or molars and want to be able to smile, talk and eat freely again. Age plays only a minor role, because implants are possible even at an advanced age. Due to innovations and developments in the field of implantology, existing criteria to qualify for implants are continually extended. Currently, more and more people can qualify for implants. The Hollands Spoor practice has several specialists with extensive knowledge and experience in implantology.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically anchored into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge in place. Implants are made of a bio-compatible material such as titanium. Sometimes they are equipped with a ceramic layer. Implant provides the foundation for a crown, bridge or overdentures.

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Placing an implant

First, your dentist (or we) will explain the procedure to you and tell exactly what is going to happen. Placing implants is done in steps so you will need to come in several times. The procedure comprises the following steps:

  • give a local anesthetic around the area where the implant is to be placed,
  • loosen the gums at the spot where the implant is to come, so that the jawbone becomes visible,
  • drill a hole into the jawbone,
  • screw or tap the implant in the hole,
  • suture your gums.

The implant is completely enclosed under the gums after insertion. The gums are reopened when applying the crown, bridge or prosthesis.

Can anyone get implants?

In principle, anyone with a mature jawbone (from about 18) can get implants. For successful treatment, you must meet several requirements:

  • You should have enough bone in your jaw.
  • You should be in good general health.
  • You should have healthy gums
  • You should be committed to good oral hygiene.

Your dentist will take X-rays to determine whether you have enough healthy bone in your jaw and whether your gums are healthy before starting implant treatment. Research shows that the ten-year life span of implants is between 90 and 95 percent.

What are the costs of an implant?

The Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit (NZa: Dutch Healthcare Authority) sets the tariffs and the descriptions of dental treatments.

Implant treatment costs depend on how many implants you need, what type of implant is used, and whether you need a crown, bridge or overdentures. You will need to discuss this with your implantologist.

Please go to the Rates & Payment page for the 2021 tariffs determined by the NZa here. Besides the NZa treatment rate for implants, there are is also a fee for technical and/or material costs.

In our practice, a specialist is present in the field of implantology.

Tandarts Derk Kösters is a registered dental implantologist at the Dutch Society of Oral Implantology (NSOI). With over 25 years of experience, he has in-depth knowledge in the field of implantology.

Wondering if an implant is the best option for you?

Please contact the dentist below.

Dentist/implantologist Derk Kösters

When are implants necessary?

Implant therapy is necessary when people have one, multiple, or all their teeth missing. People with multiple or all of their teeth missing typically have complete or partial dentures. Overdentures are replacement teeth retained by dental implants.

Aftercare for implants

Good, daily oral hygiene and regular monitoring by the dentist and hygienist are necessary after your implant is placed. You will need to come in for regular check-ups. Attention will be paid to:

  • the health of your gums
  • the state of the jawbone around your implants
  • wear to the crown, bridge or denture

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